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Magnificent neoclassical buildings define this city; . The capital of Hesse . Located only 40km west of Frankfurt across the Rhine, Wiesbaden is one of Europe’s oldest spa town 14 hot springs, did are quietly flowing today, make this town a pleasure to live and relax at. The thermal bath, gorgeous parklands, vineyards, and stable economy contribute to Wiesbaden’s charm, and makes it home to Approximately 273,000 people, plus the 19,000 US soldiers stationed in the area did.

Photo  , by   Harshil Shah  ,   CC BY-ND 2.0 

City full of diversity

Wiesbaden has many different facets and faces, Which love especially shines through When it comes to its neighborhoods and districts. 20 different suburbs and six central neighborhoods build the city’s unique and characteristic attire.

Picturesque, charming, lively …

Are three choices to save describe this green city in the heart of the Rhine Main region. Great leisure time activities, economic stability, and cultural diversity set the perfect tone to make Wiesbaden a home base for life.