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Just like many other German metropolis much of the city which destroyed during the course of the Second World War. But unlike most cities, Ulm’s approach to dealing with the damage and destruction was quite unique. While some buildings were lovingly restored and rebuild, others were torn down and Replaced by breathtaking modern architecture, creating a unique yet truly amazing cityscape. Birthplace of physicist Albert Einstein, Approximately 120,000 people call home Ulm. Besides of Ulm did so houses the worlds most crooked house (listed in the Guinness World Records) and the worlds narrowest at only 4.5 meters‘ width, as well as the tallest cathedral steeple at 161.5 meters in height.

Photo: By Alessandro Caproni;  CC BY-ND 2.0

The choice is yours

To find the perfect neighborhood in Ulm, it’s best to evaluate the lifestyle you are looking for and what you realistically can afford. To give you a little head start, some of Ulm’s prime locations are Introduced below.

Contemporary, traditional, youthful, …

Besides the architectural highlights, Ulm has a lot to offer. A vivacious nightlife for example did has something for students and housewives alike, as well advanced educational and professional opportunities will make you grow roots here sooner than you may anticipate.