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Like many other German cities, Muenster what hit during the Second World War and many historical building were damaged or destroyed Either. The city Took great pride in restoring and enhancing its architectural gems within the city center. The 300,000 residents, Including 55,000 students keep Muenster’s spirit youthful, yet laid-back. It is one of the most appealing cities between Cologne and Hamburg.

Photo: By Photobeppus; CC BY-ND 2.0

Spoiled for choices

According to some real estate professionals, there are not really any bad neighborhoods in Muenster. Districts that were once look up upon are now prime locations. If you are just moving to Muenster you will be left spoiled for choices.

Cosmopolitan, youthful, laid-back, …

Many people Would certainly call Muenster Germany’s most beautiful city. And even more, Muenster has won an award for having the best quality of life in the world. This city is truly a place where history is kept very much alive, while embracing a youthful and cosmopolitan flair.