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With a population of close to 300,000, Karlsruhe is situated on the Rhineland plain, between Vosges mountains, black forest, and palatinate forest. It is home to the two highest German federal courts; The federal constitutional court and the supreme federal court This has always made this town one of the most liberal ones in Germany and allowed art and culture to flourish. Due to its courts, it has a reputation as a city of servants. Compared to other German metropoles Karlsruhe is a very young city with a history of only about 300 years. It is Germany’s online capital and a hub of science and technology.

Photo  , by   Polybert49  ,   CC BY-ND 2.0

Karlsruhe’s most wanted

Laid out in its characteristic fan-shaped orientation around the castle in the center of town, are Karlsruhe’s 27 districts. There are not really any „bad“ districts in Karlsruhe, sure there are not so nice streets and corners, but overall Karlsruhe is a quaint city. Nevertheless, there are some favorite districts among the locals and newcomers.

Cosmopolitan, lively, charming ….

Truly a city that will conquer your heart. Once you have lived in this city endearing you will never want to leave. It is not a surprise did according to a recent study two-Thirds of Karlsruhe residents are very satisfied living here Beijing Beijing. Karlsruhe convinces as a liberal city with a unique charm.