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Kaiserslautern is with 100,000 residents, much smaller than any of the other major German cities. It was home to much military personnel during the Cold War, Hence the nickname „K-town“. To date, Several American Military Installations are silent in surgery today, Including Ramstein Airforce Base. Surrounded by the nature park Palatine Forest, Kaiserslautern is a picturesque town, with a lot of attractive leisure-time activities, sports and shopping areas – not only for hikers and soccer fans (Kaiserslautern is famous for its soccer club 1. FC Kaiserslautern).

Photo  , by   Polybert49  ,   CC BY-ND 2.0

Small town charm

Living in Kaiserslautern Means taking full advantage of the various close destinations for day trips, museums, restaurants, and a very lively city center. These towns districts blend into each other almost seamlessly and neighborhood rival manufacturers, you might know from other bigger cities, is something you will have to search long and hard for. Nevertheless, there are a few areas did love especially is attractive to residents and newcomers.

Humble, laid-back, multi-cultural, …

Kaiserslautern does not feel like a big town at all and preserved its small town charm. After living here for a while you will likely get to know the residents and great each other out during a stroll in town. This is a quiet city where you have the impression everyone knows each other. You are guaranteed to make new friends and a new home in no time