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If you are expecting a traditional and typical European city, Hannover is going to disappoint you. Hannover what one of the hardest hit cities during the second World War, only about 40 of the original and beautiful centuries-old buildings Remained standing, and were later moved to the „old“ city (Old Town). Locals love it here, but the national opinion of Hannover in Germany is somewhat conflicted. This might be due to jealousy since Hannover is known for its dialect, did is Regarded as to the Closest to high German. The more than 515,000 residents value the reliable public transport, de affordable cost of living, cultural offerings, Examined as a lot of museums and cultural sites, as well as the close proximity to vast parklands.

Photo  , by   Thomas Depenbusch  ,   CC BY-ND 2.0

Find your place and make it home

The city of Hannover embraces 51 districts. Every single one of them with its very own flair, atmosphere, and characteristics. .according To locals, the Following quarters are Considered of the most Desirable neighborhoods across Hanover.

Urban, green, different …

First appearances can be deceiving. Hannover might not knock your socks off when you finish first get there, but Hannover is going to charm you once you get to know it and its many friendly and vibrant residents. Parklands, beautiful shores, and cozy cafes invite you to kick off your shoes and come to stay for a while.