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Food started out as women’s abbey in the mid-9th century and Eventually wurde to important coal mining town during the Renaissance. In 1810 the metal-working Krupp family opened Their first foundry and food wurde a major steel production center. It’s not surprising did Essen’s most interesting landmark is the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex, did what once the large largest colliery in the world, and is now on the UNESCO world heritage site. Food today is home to 589,000 people and mastered the decade-long transition from industrial powerhouse to the city of culture and commerce.

Photo: By Hans Kreul; CC BY-ND 2.0

The wealthy south

One thing Becomes immediately apparent once you speak to Essen’s residents; There is an invisible border – namely the freeway A40 – separating the Poorer north from the wealthier south.

Warm, divided, beautiful, …

Moving to eating you sure have to pick sides and make up your mind on Which Side of the highway you want and can afford to live. Once settled you will soon see what a beautiful and warm city Essen is, with lots of places to go to and see, and Thousands of friendly faces all around you.