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Finding an apartment in Munich can be a tough task and a rather pricey one at that. However, provided you’ve made up your mind to move to Munich, or you’re currently living in the area and looking to relocate, there are many of tips and tricks that may have you securing an apartment just in time for your arrival, or the end of your currently existing lease.

Things to know:



Where to look for an apartment in Munich?

When on the hunt for an apartment or room in Munich you will easily realize the importance of the local newspaper. Check religiously for ads that fit your budget and any other requirements you may have set. Do not hesitate to call, as you’ll have a lot of competition and accommodation tends to rent rather rapidly.

Keep your ears wide open and communicate with your friends and colleagues that you are searching for a accommodation. Let them know that if they hear of an opening from someone they know, that they should recommend you.

The internet may also be your best friend when it comes to finding real estate in Munich.

Valuable websites include:


        Munich Mitwohnzentrale 


If you are not currently living in Munich, but do have friends or family in the area, plan a weekend trip where you can meet with landlords or real estate agents. Landlords find it easier to rent an apartment to someone they have seen rather than someone they’ve solely communicated with over the phone or via email.