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Education is of dire importance. Through education, leaders are created, so it’s important that parents have the peace of mind in knowing that their child is attending an institution where education is taken seriously. Moving to a new country and having to adapt to a new language is hard enough for adults, but can be especially difficult for children when it comes to integrating into a new school and a new society on a whole. Parents are often concerned that their children will fall behind in school, due to the foreign language, and thus are adamant to find an option that allows their children to learn the new language without having to deal with such setbacks. Also essential, is comfort. With all the other things that come with moving to a new country, school can at first be stressful for children. They’ve left all their friends in their native country, and have to start all over again. A new school, new teachers, making new friends, it can be a very scary transition. Parents want to ensure that the environment they are putting their children in is a safe on, and a comfortable one where their children will be able to ease quickly, and enjoy.



Berlin offers some great International Schools where children have the opportunity to take lessons in both English and German. The programs are great as they lend a familiar hand to the children, while still introducing them to the German language and culture. The International schools in Berlin offer premium education, friendly, caring teachers and staff, and an environment that your child will quickly grow familiar with. With children spending so much time in school, it is important that the school system isn’t something that’s impossible for them to get used to.


Remember a healthy brain is an active brain.


Some great International Schools in Berlin include: