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Driving in Germany can be a fun experience provided you take the proper precautions and stay on the right side of the law. Certainly some of the rules are going to be a little different from what you’re used to and perhaps there will even be more rules. However, it’s worth learning what is allowed and what is strictly prohibited before entering the wonderfully maintained German streets. Germans aren’t typically crazy drivers, regardless of their luxury of having certain areas of the highways where they’re allowed to go as fast as they please. Staying true to their strict, rule following culture, Germans tend to drive safely and follow all the rules. Getting a driver’s license in Germany is a pretty hard and expensive task, as a result, the citizens would rather not break the rules and face the harsh consequences, and thus they tend to abide by what is right, for the most part.



What are the consequences for speeding?


Other violations:


The list above contains just a few of the traffic violations in Germany. The majority of traffic violations come with a heavy penalty. It’s best to avoid having to pay these fees or gaining a point or two on your license, and possibly even losing it for a couple of months. Road safety is very important and isn’t taken lightly by German law. Ensure that you have the proper knowledge you need in order to avoid and steer clear of any violations. Learn the road signs, the road rules, and the speed limits in designated areas.



When in doubt, check. Here is a link to the Drivers Handbook for Germany (in English):