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Eat, drink and celebrate like a German.


Being in a foreign country provides even more reasons to be excited about the holidays. For expats in Germany, a public holiday isn’t merely about getting the day off work and being able to snuggle up and catch up on all the television shows you may have missed. Instead, it’s a call for exploration and education. Yes, education. Learning how different holidays are celebrated in Germany and being a part of the festivities is a great way to discover how different or similar German holiday traditions are to your own.


Expand your palate during the holidays, try something new, something traditionally German. Soon enough, you’ll be cooking up German meals, all on your own, being able to manipulate the ingredient where ever you see fit. Your home will be the go to place for a decadent Christmas dinner.


German public holidays and how they are celebrated:







The Easter fire is also very popular amongst Germans and something you won’t want to miss.





These are public holidays, which means all stores are close, so be sure to get your grocery shopping done before.