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The Autobahn. It’s the first thing most people think of when Germany and roads are brought into the same sentence. These highways with no speed limits, or rather, no speed regulations in certain zones. For people who are into fast driving, this is a dream come true. For others who like to know exactly how fast to go, and ensure that they stay a few notches under the speed limit, this may sound like your worst nightmare.  However, the Autobahn is great for more reasons than one. For those who like to push the limits a little, and go faster than they’d be able to in their native countries, the Autobahn allows them to safely enjoy accelerated driving. The Autobahn does have rules. It’s not just a free for all zone where people drive as they please, some slow, some fast causing more chaos than manageable.


The rules of the Autobahn:


Most people in Germany drive smaller cars. This takes the burden off trying to maneuver an SUV into the tight parking spots that are increasingly popular in the city. Another thing to take note of is the small roads, especially in comparison to roads in the United States. Two lane roads often turn into one lane roads due to parked cars. And yes, it is legal in some streets for cars to park on the side. This is another advantage of having a smaller car, you’ll be able to pass more easily, without having to worry about smashing into a rear view mirror or two on your way around.


The roads in Germany are generally well maintained and allow for a smooth, safe drive from one destination to the next.


Things you need to know about driving in Germany:



Enjoy the German roads and remember, fahr vorsichtig, drive safely.